Wireless Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lift

Upgrade Your Workshop with Tecalemit’s Wireless Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lift

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Tecalemit’s SF/9490 Wireless Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lift is the perfect choice for the modern commercial vehicle workshop. Offering up to 30 tons of lifting capacity, each column can handle up to 7.5 tons and can be used singularly, in pairs, or as a set of four, giving you the freedom to use your equipment however you need. And, with its wireless communication and heavy-duty battery pack, you do not need to worry about any cables getting in the way.

Our SF/9490 Wireless Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lift is designed with convenience in mind. Its adjustable wheel forks make lifting anything from cars and vans to buses and HGVs easy without any additional adaptors. Plus, with buttons that are easy to use, even with gloves on, you will have no problem operating this lift. Mobility within a commercial vehicle workshop is also effortless, thanks to its robust wheels and hydraulic pallet truck-style hand controls.

But that is not all. If you want maximum flexibility, you can add extra columns to increase the lift’s overall capacity. Through its wireless configuration programme, the lift is expandable to 6, 8 or 12-column formations. The SF/9490 also has an advanced synchronisation system ensuring smooth operation even if the columns are unevenly loaded.

Bernard Gravillis, Tecalemit’s Head of Sales & Marketing, said, “The SF/9490 is a fantastic addition to any commercial workshop. Its versatility comes from the adjustable forks, which can handle almost anything in your workshop. Combined with the ability to add extra columns to increase its lifting capacities quickly, it is easy to see why some people consider these mobile columns the Swiss Army Knife of the heavy lifting world.

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