An AZUR 42CH installed in a workshop

The AZUR 42CH – A Reliable And Versatile 2-Post Lift

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The AZUR 42CH is a powerful and dependable 2-post lift suitable for a range of vehicles. It features a low lift pad height of 90mm and two-stage asymmetric arms for lifting a wide range of vehicles. The lift comes with a set of 100mm lift pad extensions for lifting vehicles with higher ground clearance. It also has a 4.2t lifting capacity, so you can be sure it can handle any job.

The AZUR 42CH 2-post lift benefits from a powerful 2.2kW 3ph motor that delivers rapid lifting times. It also features an Accurate Positioning System (APS) for precise lift height adjustment. This ensures that the lift is always set to the height you need.

With a reach of over 1.3m, the long arms provide plenty of space for working on vehicles. It also has a full base frame option for floors less than 200mm thick, allowing for a greater range of installation options.

The AZUR 42CH is an ideal choice for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile lift. It should provide years of trouble-free service and can lift a wide variety of vehicles. With its low lift pad height, long arms and powerful motor, the AZUR 42CH 2-post lift is a great choice for any workshop.

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