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MOT Lifts: 4-Post or Scissor?

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Choosing a Lift for MOT Testing

When setting up an MOT test station, it is essential to have the right equipment to test vehicles in your workshop. To conduct an MOT, you must examine the vehicle’s underside with a lift or a pit. An MOT lift is a cost-effective way to create a suitable MOT test lane compared to constructing an inspection pit. This post will explore the benefits of using a vehicle lift in an MOT test station, the different types of MOT lifts available and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of MOT Lifts

When choosing an MOT lift, it is crucial to consider the size and weight of the vehicles that will be tested, as well as the available space in the workshop. There are two types of MOT lifts available, 4-post and scissors. Both are platform lifts, which, as the name suggests, feature platforms to raise the vehicle. 4-post lifts feature four columns that the car drives between and offer a wider range of capacities than scissor lifts. For workshops with a width restriction, a scissor lift may be a solution that can overcome this, but it limits the choice of platform lengths.

Benefits of Using a 4-Post MOT Lift

A 4-post lift offers several advantages for MOT testing. It provides a secure environment for testing the vehicle and an elevated platform for better viewing angles of the inspection areas compared to a pit. They allow easy access to the car’s underside, making it easier to inspect and diagnose any issues. 4-post lifts provide a stable and level platform, making it easier to test the steering, suspension, and other components. They are available in either two-person (MOT) or one-person (ATL, OPTL) testing specifications and come with a choice of single or 3 phase power supply.

Less Groundwork and Greater Range

There are two types of MOT lifts available, and it is essential to consider the size and weight of the vehicles that will be tested when choosing the right lift for your needs. A 4-post MOT lift is a great way to provide a safe and secure environment for testing vehicles in a workshop. It allows easy access to the vehicle’s underside and provides a stable and level platform for testing. They also offer a greater range for workshop design than scissor lifts and little to no groundwork compared to a pit installation.

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