the new Tecalemit Wireless Heavy-duty Mobile Column Lift

Introducing Our New Wireless Heavy-duty Mobile Column Lift

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Are you looking for ways to make your life easier and increase efficiency in your workshop? Look no further than Tecalemit’s 30t Wireless Heavy-duty Mobile Column Lift. These lifts are essential for any commercial vehicle workshop looking to save time and money while improving safety when working on large, heavy vehicles.

We are introducing Tecalemit’s new SF/9490 mobile columns – a robust and reliable lifting solution with several innovative features. Our 4-unit lift is powered by heavy-duty rechargeable batteries and a 24v DC motor coupled to the hydraulic pump. The LCD screen allows you to monitor the lifting height, battery charge, mode, and communication status at a glance. The lift is designed for effortless operation with buttons that are easy to use, even with gloves. The main functions include raise, lock, lowering and slow lowering.

The wireless communication, height synchro potentiometers, 120-second lifting time and adjustable wheel forks make it a cutting-edge piece of equipment. Each column has a 24v control panel with up, down and emergency stop buttons. The advanced synchronization system enables the lift to rise and lower evenly and smoothly, even if the load is uneven for each column. The lift will automatically stop when there is a difference of more than 50mm on any column. Furthermore, the lift is expandable to 6, 8 or 12-column configurations and benefits from a lifting height of 1.7m plus a splash-proof IP54 rating.

Get ready to experience the power and reliability of Tecalemit’s Wireless Heavy-duty Mobile Column Lift – the perfect lifting solution for your needs.

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