New Product Announcement: GTR/8400 3D Computer Based Wheel Alignment System (Available March 1st 2018)

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The brand new Tecalemit GTR/8400 is a powerful 3D computer-based
wheel alignment system for checking and adjustment of car and van wheel
alignment. Utilising machine vision software and high precision image targets
it is fast, accurate and easy to use.

The modern
mobile console contains a powerful PC with an Intel Core I3 processor and fast
video card (Direct X11). A large 27” widescreen monitor is mounted on an
integral bracket to provide maximum visibility and ease of operation. A Wi-Fi
enabled printer is also included.

The aluminium
camera housing is available in both free standing and wall mounting
configuration as required by the workshop layout. Alignment can be carried out
either on a lift or over a pit. The 4 x HD cameras (one for each wheel) mounted
in the housing provide quick and reliable target capture and high speed image
transfer to the PC over TCP/IP.

A comprehensive
vehicle database covering over 40,000 vehicles is integrated into the operating
program. It includes wheel alignment specifications, tyre pressure data,
vehicle adjustment diagrams and images together with 3D animated videos. These
features together with the included electronic help system contain all the
information you need to work with your new alignment machine and software. Checking
and adjusting any car or van is made fast and easy.

The GTR/8400 is
supplied complete with: mobile computer cabinet, aluminium camera housing
containing 4 HD video cameras, Windows PC with software and database installed,
27” LCD monitor, printer, 4 x Target Sets, 4 x self centering wheel adapters,
steering wheel holder, brake pedal lock, 2 x Turnplates and hand held remote
control and manual.

Please navigate
to our Wheel Alignment section where you can download the GTR/8400 datasheet
and informational brochure.