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Tecalemit is all about quality – and when you have quality products, you need great images to show them.

That’s why the company uses video and photography right at the forefront of its marketing operation.

Marketing Director Phil Cledwyn started 2017 with a major operation to capture high quality images of a whole range of equipment.

It took one near-empty warehouse, a video and photographic crew, Tecalemit equipment including vehicle lifts and other heavy gear which had to be brought in, technical crews to assemble the equipment … and a lot of hard work!

“We’re very experienced at this and we can do it cost-effectively – doing half a dozen videos at once, for example,” said Mr Cledwyn. “That brings the cost per video right down. We get high quality still images done at the same time, so the crews can use the same lighting set-ups and the equipment in the same location. But it still takes a huge effort and a lot of planning”

Once the images have been captured there’s a lengthy period of ‘post-production’ (even for still images), when they are edited, Photoshopped, and have music, captions and other ‘collateral’ added.

“The end result is worth it because we can put in front of the customer a much more accurate image,” said Mr Cledwyn. “We’re proud of the products in our range and we want to display them with precision and accuracy in all our printed and digital material.”