2.0T Hydraulic Jacking Beam (Low Profile)

Product Number: SS-8724

Product Description

The SS/8724 is a 2.0t manual jacking beam, specifically for the low profile requirements of the Tecalemit SF/9259 and SF/9006 4 post lifts.

This 2.0t model benefits from an extra-wide extending top beam of up to 1700mm while comfortably providing a full 260mm (10.25″) lift using its proven hydraulics. The SS/8724 also has a number of safety features including a hose burst valve and a pressure release valve that prevents overloading. The integral finger-guard fully complies with current machinery directives and the jacking beam comes complete with CE markings.

An air-operated version is available SS/8724/P (Requires OA/62335 Air Supply Kit)

Jacking Beams are sold on a self-install basis unless supplied with a Tecalemit Vehicle Lift.


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