Deadline Extended for ATFs to Upgrade Brake Testing Software

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The DVSA has issued an update on roller brake testing software requirements for ATFs.

To maintain the standards expected across the industry, the DVSA recommends that operators of commercial vehicle brake testers upgrade their roller brake testing software as soon as possible.

However, the DVSA understands some equipment will require a higher level of investment to upgrade as it may need hardware changes in addition to the software update.

Giving ATFs Time to Plan

To allow an ATF to factor these costs into their business plan more effectively, the DVSA has extended the deadline for the software update to 31 December 2025.

Buying New Equipment

From 1 April 2024, if you need to install a new roller brake tester because your current equipment has broken, the replacement brake tester must meet the latest specifications. The 1 April 2024 deadline now applies to anyone needing to install a new roller brake tester.

New ATF applicants who have not received “Approval in Principle” before 1 April 2024 will also be required to install a roller brake tester that meets the new specification.

Why Are These Upgrades Important

These upgrades allow for critical annual test and road safety improvements, which include:

  • updates to service brake efficiencies, including drawbar trailers
  • changes in how we measure secondary brake performance
  • fundamental programme changes to prevent tyre damage
  • improved workflows to aid the consistency of brake testing at the test and preventative inspections
  • the inclusion of advisory items to better support broader preventative maintenance of vehicles/trailers and road safety

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