Recall Information Added To MOT Certificates

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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has revealed an MOT certificate update that should benefit many motorists. Drivers can now be advised if their vehicle is part of a recall when they take it for an MOT test.

A recent DVSA update stated, “Car recalls will now appear on MOT certificates. If you have a recall on your certificate, your vehicle manufacturer should tell you.”

Alongside the data which usually appears on the MOT test certificate, like the mileage, the date of the test and the registration number, it will now contain a message saying that the vehicle has an outstanding recall. The manufacturer should then advise the driver on what the recall is, what action they need to take and where to go for more information.

If a recall has been declared, drivers must get their vehicle, vehicle parts or accessories fixed or replaced by the manufacturer. Previously, if a vehicle were listed on a recall database, the MOT tester would be expected to check that the recall had been performed, as this could lead to failing the MOT test if it hadn’t.

Outside of the annual MOT test, drivers can use the GOV.UK website to check if their model has been recalled for any reason.