Tecalemit Launch 4th Year FREE MOT Automated Test Lane (ATL) Offer

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Tecalemit’s legendary MOT Automated Test Lane (ATL) Bays are now available with a FREE 4th Year Servicing, Calibration & Warranty Pack to extend the peace of mind and operational simplicity to Tecalemit MOT Customers.

Installing an MOT bay can be a significant project for many workshops. A lot of time and effort is put into the DVSA VT01 application process, followed by civil works to prepare the site for the equipment installation correctly.

Naturally, workshops want to be up and running as soon as possible to generate a return on investment. Often, all of the necessary preparation overshadows the ongoing operational requirements of an MOT Bay. Whilst the equipment is calibrated on installation, the requirements for re-calibration can soon fall due, sometimes as little as six months later, depending upon the specification of the chosen equipment.

Tecalemit’s 3-Year Servicing, Calibration & Warranty Pack, has always been a popular support package. It reduces the cost of mandatory calibrations and ensures equipment is correctly serviced to provide reliable operational service.

For Quarter 4 2022, Tecalemit is offering a 4 Year Servicing, Calibration & Warranty Pack for the price of a 3 Year Pack. Available on Tecalemit ATL MOT’s bays ordered by 31st December 2022 and delivered by 31st January 2023.

Contact Tecalemit on 01752 219111 to discuss how you can benefit from this 4th Year FREE offer.