Bringing HGV Brake Testing In-House

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With periodic brake safety checks being undertaken four times a year, even a modest fleet of three HGV vehicles requires twelve trips to the nearest test facility.  Are you frustrated with the amount of vehicle downtime and administration time the exercise consumes?  Streamlining the entire process can be achieved by bringing the testing capability in-house by using a Tecalemit DE/9700 in your own workshop space.  In the May/June edition of Transport Operator, Tecalemit explore the immediate and peripheral benefits of ploughing your own furrow.

To learn about premium features of the Tecalemit DE/9700, such as high strength 15kw motors, fully galvanised roller bed and soft start mechanism, take a look at our product technical information for the DE/9700.

To view the unit in-situ, take a look at a recent fleet operator who has installed their own in-house brake testing capability.

The Tecalemit DE/9700 was also the model of choice for the all new Isle Of Man Test Centre