DVSA Issue Updated Vehicle Database For Commercial Vehicle Roller Brake Testers

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The DVSA have just released their latest vehicle database update for Commercial Vehicle Roller Brake Testers. All DVSA Authorised Testing Facilities (ATF’s) have until 1st November 2022 to install this latest version of the Designated Test Programme Data (Dtp) in order to ensure that vehicle tests on a range of additional models can be conducted in accordance with model specific test routines.

The latest DVSA update includes new Dtp numbers 10090 to 10238. Dtp 10238 relates to a 2 axle Citroen ridged, 3800kg GVW, (Solo) parking on axle 2, with the split service brake as the nominated secondary.

The Tecalemit DE/9000 series of Commercial Vehicle Roller Brake Tester are the models of choice for numerous ATF’s and Commercial Vehicle Operators. Tecalemit’s latest version, the DE/9700 is particularly popular for new and replacement installations due to its high capacity 15kw motors and fully galvanised roller bed, which provides superior corrosion resistance and durability. Tecalemit DE/9700 users can check for existence of these additional numbers on Commercial Vehicle Roller Brake Tester database to confirm when the latest update has been installed.

Outside of the MOT test, the importance of regular period brake tests for commercial vehicles must not be underestimated. A brake test report produced on a Tecalemit DE/9700 report can tell you if the vehicle has met various overall braking efficiencies such as that for service, secondary and park. The report can also identify individual braking aspects where preventative action can be undertaken to avoid further problems that could result in brake failure. This includes bind, time lag, ovality, imbalance and maximum force. Vehicle details and weight imposed on each axle is also shown on each brake test report.

Contact Tecalemit Service Operations on 01752 219100 for full details on how to schedule your database update.