Modern pits allow technicians to inspect HGV & PSV fleets with greater access and safety

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Tecalemit Garage Equipment provides a comprehensive range of vehicle lifting solutions for commercial vehicles, but there are times when a different method of dealing with vehicle inspection and repair may be required. Here we have outlined a variety of features and benefits of our range of inspection pits.

A modern inspection pit can provide a viable alternative for commercial vehicle (CV) workshops. The current range of pits from Tecalemit provide a completely different environment to the old brick and concrete pits that were commonly found in commercial vehicle workshops of the past. These modern prefabricated steel pits provide many advantages over alternative construction methods. They are specifically designed as load bearing structures which enable the safe and efficient use of Tecalemit commercial vehicle pit jacks. With pit jacks featuring a typical axle load capacity of 20 tonnes up to special 50 tonne heavy duty units, the Tecalemit range of commercial vehicle pit jacks can be contained securely in order to provide an effective over-pit lifting capability.

When installing a prefabricated inspection pit, the jacking beam rail will be built into the design of the pit and the pit jack runs along on this dedicated rail. With the addition of an air operated Tecalemit pneumatic pit jack, together with a range of lifting accessories such as chassis crutches, differential case adaptors and spreader beams, the ease of the over-pit lifting operation can be further improved. The connection of an air supply to the inspection pit can also serve to provide the facility with oil extraction via in-pit oil drainer to deliver a safe method of handling contaminated waste oils. The modern vehicle pit can also be designed and constructed to feature tailored recesses to store oil drainers, as well as toolboxes, in order to keep the working area safe and free from hazards.

The steel pit tub provides a secure watertight environment, while the tough epoxy coated surface allows easy cleaning. This combines to create a durable, safe solution whilst creating an agreeable working environment. A range of pit lighting options helps to further enhance the environment, with the surface finish of the pits providing good light dispersion to benefit the technician. The pit tub can also be fabricated to include purpose designed housings for the Tecalemit DE/7353 pit play detector to enable the testing of commercial vehicle steering and suspension components. The DE/7353 is approved for use in DVSA authorised testing facilities (ATF) which enables CV fleet operators to undertake their own pre-MOT steering and suspension testing.

Tecalemit’s DE/9700 roller brake tester can be used to create a definitive CV testing facility which allows operators to test their vehicle to MOT standards while undertaking their own periodic brake safety and efficiency tests. So which vehicles is Tecalemit Garage Equipment’s Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester (CVBT) suitable for? Well, our DE/9700 CVBT accommodates testing of HGV’s, PSV’s, trailers, in fact most commercial vehicles. The brake tester’s innovative design means it is also suitable for testing cars and light commercials all on one machine if required. This in-ground brake tester delivers a solid solution which can be adapted to meet your testing requirements.

The benefits of the Tecalemit’s CV brake tester include:

  • DVSA database included
  • Easy exit, bi-directional rollers
  • Can be installed spanning pit lane
  • Powerful, soft-start 15kW motors
  • Wireless control unit for one-person operation
  • DVSA approved for ATF and MOT test lane installations

So as you can see Tecalemit’s range of inspection pits offer a modern, safe option for CV workshops. Our pits provide a sense of security where some people may feel lifts are too dependent upon their lifting ability, which can be particularly unnerving when working under some large commercial vehicles. As we have shown there are many benefits to designing a workshop with an inspection pit, particularly since the arrival of prefabricated pits has overcome many of the downsides found in commercial vehicle workshops of the past. This has resulted the costs of inspecting, maintaining and testing vehicles with pits a more viable option, especially when combined a play detector and brake tester.

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