Tecalemit gains approval for DVSA MTS connected roller brake tester

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As it has been announced, as we advance, new MOT equipment will need to be able to connect to the MOT testing service (MTS).

As of the 1st of October 2019, anyone installing a new roller brake tester must ensure it’s a model that can connect to the MTS. This includes purchasing one as a replacement for an existing brake tester.

The DVSA are doing this to modernise testing, save time, and reduce the risk of error and fraud.

Tecalemit is happy to confirm that we are one of just six manufacturers that can currently offer an Approved Roller Brake Tester for Class 3, 4, 5L & 7 testings.

Tecalemit’s Connected Brake Testers are suitable for ATL, OPTL and standard MOT test lanes, with various options to suit all workshops and budgets.

To learn more about these new, connected brake testers, call us on 01752 219111 or talk to your local Area Sales Manager.