DVSA Extending Connected Equipment to include Decelerometers

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After the introduction of Connected Equipment with Roller Brake Testers in October 2019, the DVSA has now confirmed next piece of MOT equipment that needs to meet their new requirements. Connected Decelerometers will formally be part of the Connected Equipment directive as of February 2020. This will be mandatory for Class 3, 4 & 7 MOT centres only at the moment, however other classes may be included in the future.

Following the same procedure as roller brake testers, the DVSA will now only approve new applications for MOT centres that include an approved Connected Decelerometer from this date. This change also applies MOT centres replacing or updating MOT equipment in existing stations as they also have to follow the Connected Equipment route.

Tecalemit are pleased to confirm that we are one of just six manufacturers that can currently offer an Approved Decelerometer for Class 3, 4, & 7 testing. To find out more about these new, connected Decelerometers call us on 01752 219111 or talk to your local Area Sales Manager.