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Just the ticket for lifting buses!

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Shuttle Buses is one of the largest independent bus and coach operators in Ayrshire. Established in 1990 they provide reliable, high-quality bus and coach services throughout Ayrshire with a fleet of over 40 vehicles. They also have a fully-equipped workshop where they carry out all their own maintenance, which is where Tecalemit came in. Shuttle Buses were looking for a new lift that could handle their full fleet of vehicles, which range from 16 up to 70 seaters. After speaking with David Kennedy of Dingbro and Jim McDermott, Tecalemit’s Sales Manager for Scotland, they decided on the SF/9128 12.0t 4 post commercial vehicle lift.

The SF/9128 is suitable for lifting a wide range of commercial vehicles, including buses, coaches and tractor units, and benefits from a 3.3m drive-through width between the columns ensuring easy access for most vehicles. Added to this is an overall platform length of 8.4m, which allows many of the longest wheelbase vehicles to sit comfortably on the 0.7m wide platforms. This heavy-duty 4 post lift is the perfect solution when a workshop wants a lift in a static location without the additional civil work associated with many scissors lifts. It also offers a cost-effective alternative to mobile lifting columns that need to be manoeuvred in and out of position every time they are used.

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