Tecalemit completes workshop refit at Cardiff CTU

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Tecalemit has been a supplier of garage and workshop products and lubrication systems for light and heavy vehicle workshops for 90 years, providing innovative systems for the automotive industry with world class technical service and products that can be found in daily use throughout the UK, Europe Africa and Asia, maintaining workshops and vehicles in the most arduous of environments.
Philip Cledwyn, sales and marketing director at Tecalemit says “We understand the importance of reliability and safety, and have built our reputation by providing high-quality, well installed and serviced products.”
He goes on to add; “Our most recently completed installation at Cardiff Council Central Transport Unit shows the scale of project which we are used to working with and complied fully with all the requirements of the client. We supplied and fitted everything needed for the workshop from lifting equipment, pit equipment, brake testing equipment, car and commercial vehicle test lanes, exhaust and compressed air systems to  lubrication products and systems”.

Tecalemit’s lubrication systems are typically a bespoke design for the customer and their highly experienced sales engineers can assist with the design and layout of your workshop and lubrication systems. Tecalemit’s experience shows an understanding of the importance of health and safety issues surrounding the installation of such systems.
The Tecalemit lubrication range of products includes:

  • Oil pumps and accessories
  • Grease pumps and accessories
  • Hose reels, stands and accessories
  • Oil and fluid drainers
  • Mobile and portable grease and fluid delivery systems
  • Oil monitoring systems
  • Lubemaster servicing units
  • Grease nipples and hydraulic connectors
  • Diesel dispensing equipment

For further information about Tecalemit’s lubrication products check out the catalogue on our website – go to product brochure pdfs at the bottom of the home page. For all other products please have a good look through our website and contact uswith your requirements.