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Case study I’ll Have A Second Tecalemit MOT Bay Please!

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It was back in January 2020 when Pash and the team at Cross Roads MOT Centre installed a Tecalemit Class 4 MOT bay.

Little did we all know, but we were weeks away from a countrywide lockdown. Not only that, but MOT test expiry dates were about to be rolled forward by six months, reducing the demand for MOT testing, hardly ideal when you’ve just installed a brand-new MOT Bay!

You would probably be even more surprised to learn that in October 2022, less than three years later, Pash and the team were looking to install a second MOT bay to expand their business and cater for Class 7 MOT testing. They were pleased with the Tecalemit MOT equipment, and as far as they were concerned, there was no other game in town.

The original Class 4 MOT bay had been installed with a Tecalemit SF/9259/REC, a recessed lift specifically designed for existing shallow floor recesses. However, Pash and the team had acquired the larger unit next door for their new MOT bay. The existing Class 4 lift would need to convert from ‘recessed’ to a surface mount configuration. They also required their Tecalemit SF/9207 2-post lift to move to the new premises.

Steve Barnfield, Area Sales Manager for the region, handled the enquiry. Steve has over twenty years of MOT bay design and installation experience. Project managing the new Class 7 installation, followed by the removal and re-installation of the existing Class 4 MOT bay, was all something he took in his stride.

Steve and Pash discussed the layout options for the new unit. The new Tecalemit DE/9719/ATL brake tester was to be installed in a standalone brake testing bay. This installation configuration would serve both the Class 4 and 7 MOT lifts. The size of the new unit was sufficient to accommodate the 14 metres of Class 7 brake test standing area required by the DVSA.

Separating the brake test standing area from the two MOT lifts meant that the new Tecalemit SF/9257 Class 7 lift and the existing SF/9259 Class 4 lift could be surface mounted. This would require a new set of run-up ramps for the SF/9259 to facilitate the conversion from its original recessed application to surface-mounted.

Steve prepared the layout drawing to support the DVSA’s VT01 application. Agreement In Principle (AIP) was achieved on the first application enabling Steve and Pash to commence the civil work for the roller brake tester recess.

A phased approach for the equipment installation was decided upon. This required the Tecalemit Class 7 bay to be installed into the new premises first. Once the Class 7 bay was operational and signed off by the DVSA, the Class 4 lift and the 2-post lift were to be moved across from the old unit. Whilst this would mean two visits by the Tecalemit engineering team, Pash could continue MOT testing throughout his move of premises.

To facilitate the civil works for the Tecalemit DE/9719/ATL roller brake tester recess, a Class 7 recess frame (OA/62550/KIT) was chosen by Pash. Using a recessed frame for the brake tester makes it much simpler for the builder to achieve the exact dimensions for an ATL brake tester. Because ATL brake testers weigh the vehicle axle when it is presented to the rollers, the unit sits on a set of load cells. These enable the brake tester to ‘float’, which requires specific clearances around the brake tester bed. Using a recessed frame and bracing it in preparation for the pouring on the concrete ensures an accurate recess of the correct dimensions. This saves the civil workers the time of fabricating shuttering to the dimensional accuracy required.

Tecalemit’s brake tester roller covers would be instrumental in this site. Access to the Class 4 lift would require the vehicle to be manoeuvred in the vicinity of the brake tester. The ability to create a level floor area would facilitate vehicle turning.

Pash also opted for the Tecalemit LED display for his brake tester. This hi-visibility unit is ideal for large, bright workshops and provides excellent visibility of the brake test readings. Pash and his team of MOT testers had become accustomed to viewing results on the Tecalemit LED display installed with their original Class 4 bay.

When Pash purchased his original Class 4 MOT bay and 2-post lift, he also purchased a 3-Year Calibration, Service & Warranty Package. With a year still to run on the existing contract for his Class 4 equipment, Pash selected a 1 Year package for the new Class 7 equipment. This would bring the renewal dates broadly in line. Tecalemit Calibration, Service & Warranty Packages are available for 1, 3 & 5-year terms to suit individual requirements.

To install MOT testing in your business and benefit from the experience of Steve Barnfield and his fellow Workshop Equipment Specialists, call Tecalemit on 01752 219111 and turn your MOT plans into reality.