5.0T 5.7m Quadra MOT Lift Class IV & VII (ATL & OPTL) 3ph

Product Number: SF-9257-SERIES

Product Description

The 5.0t Quadra SF/9257/SERIES Class VII ATL lift has been developed specifically to meet the need to test longer wheelbase vehicles. The SF/9257 lift incorporates a comprehensive range of safety features to ensure operator peace of mind and is supplied complete with flush fitting radius turning plates and wheel play detectors.

The SF/9257/SERIES can be supplied in both surface mounted and recess mounted options (specify when ordering). A variety of configurations are available to suit the requirements of your workshop.

  • SF/9257 With Radius Plates and ‘Flush Fit’ Play Detectors, for ATL & OPTL MOT Testing
  • SF/9257/NPD With Radius Plates but without Play Detectors, for Servicing or 2 Person MOT Testing  (Requires additional Jacking beam).
  • SF/9257/4 With Radius Plates, Play Detectors & Rear Slip Plates, for ATL & OPTL MOT Testing and Wheel Alignment

The lift platform, cross members and columns are manufactured from top grade materials to ensure longevity and performance. The lift conforms to EN 1493 and CE requirements for lifting equipment.  In ATL & OPTL MOT configuration, the ‘Flush Fit’ Play Detectors enable easier achievement of the +/-6mm DVSA level requirement when the lift is used as part of the headlamp test standing area.

The Quadra SF/9257/4 shares all the same features as the SF/9257 but is also fitted with rear wheel bearing mounted sideslip plates. With a lifting capacity of 5.0t the SF/9257/4 is the complete solution for ATL testing and also for use with wheel alignment equipment to carry out precision vehicle geometry checks and adjustments.

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