Case study Junction Motors – A Forced Move Leads To A State-of-the-art Operation

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Tecalemit places significant importance on the support it gives customers – and Junction Motors’ owner Shakeel Mahmood is one of the first to agree.

The Watford garage owner was facing the end of his lease and struggling to find replacement premises – he wanted to buy, not rent, so he never had the same issue again. But a lack of suitable locations meant he had to buy a plot and erect his own building. “If you do something like that, you’re already busy running a business, and you have to suddenly put a whole new layer of intensive work on top of that, along with some really big decisions,” Shakeel said. “But we had no choice.”

A trusted contact passed him Bernard Gravillis’ business card, Tecalemit’s Area Sales Manager for London and the South East, and Shakeel made the call.
“The guy was with us every step of the way from that point,” said Shakeel. “He worked with us on the planning permissions, the huge amount of form-filling which you have to do to buy a plot and put a commercial building on it. He helped us with the design. He was there project managing things, supervising contractors, sorting out the laying of a concrete floor to the right specifications, and then finally getting the equipment installed, training our people and getting it all commissioned.”

As Shakeel explains, “I still had to be on it and making decisions, but he took away a lot of the bureaucracy and hassle, and I soon got to trust him and realise he knew his business. That just freed up the time I needed to continue managing the company day-to-day.” Now, Junction Motors is up and running in its new, purpose-built premises in Watford. They have a Class 7 ATL MOT bay featuring our SF/9257 5.7m 4-post lift, a TGD/MDS emissions tester, plus tyre replacement and wheel alignment equipment.

“When a customer is putting enough faith in you to buy the sort of equipment Junction Motors bought, you have to make an equal commitment to them,” said Bernard Gravillis. “They did a huge amount in a very short period, and few companies could manage such a fundamental change without outside help. It gave me a sense of achievement at the end to see their set-up and generating revenue with a state-of-the-art operation.”

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