1,2,3 A 1960's Tecalemit 3-Post Lift

Case study Was It A 2-Post or 4-Post Lift – THREE!

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Here at Tecalemit Garage Equipment, we have been supplying vehicle lifting solutions for ‘decades’, and numerous Tecalemit products are still in regular use many decades later. The Tecalemit ‘Tri-Tec’ 3-Post lift was a popular lifting solution in the 1960s. A move from in-ground single hydraulic column operation to a surface-mounted configuration offered simplicity in installation from reduced civil work.

Recently we came across an example of the legendary Tecalemit 3-Post lift in its original location. These days, we are so accustomed to looking at 2-Post and 4-Post lifts we have to look twice when presented with 3-Post configurations.

Today’s Tecalemit Lifts are built with the same engineering pedigree to ensure they stand a chance of lasting as long as this ageing Tri-Tec model. Whilst both the Tecalemit Tri-Tec and the BMC ‘Landcrab’ from our original Tecalemit product literature are legacies of a bygone era, today Tecalemit SF/9010/H electro-mechanical model is still very popular with workshops that require a traditional hi-quality electro-mechanical unit from a well-established lift supplier.

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