The New 2022 Tecalemit MOT Bay

Case study The Same Again Please – Class 4 ATL MOT, Concours Motor Company

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It was back in June 2016 when Robin and the team at Concours Motor Company increased their service capacity by building a new workshop on their site in Solihull. MOT testing was growing in demand by their customers, resulting in them outsourcing MOT tests to local testing stations.

Introducing MOT testing transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of their workshop operations. No more running vehicles around to their competitors and juggling operations to fit in with other people’s schedules. With their new workshop completed, the team installed a Tecalemit Class 4 ATL MOT bay, and they have never looked back.

Robin and his team soon established themselves as significant providers of MOT testing among their customers. At Concours Motor Company, they understand that their discerning clientele appreciates the finer things in life. That’s why a large part of their business is devoted to premium classic vehicles. Having the ability to carry out MOT tests further appeals to their customers, ensuring they can get on the road with peace of mind.

It was not long before the team conducted between five to ten MOT tests daily. With such a volume throughput, the Tecalemit MOT bay soon covered its investment cost. By mid-2021, the MOT bay was now five years old and had delivered a substantial return on investment for them.

“In five years, the MOT bay has paid for itself many times over”

Robin has always routinely replaced equipment to keep up-to-date with changing technology, and the MOT bay was to be no exception. He decided to replace the entire MOT bay with brand-new Tecalemit equipment. The original ATL bay that Tecalemit installed utilised a recessed SF/9254 Class 4 ATL lift with suspension play detectors, a Tecalemit DE/9415 ATL brake tester and a TGD/MDS combined emissions tester. Some of these older Tecalemit units can be upgraded to ‘connected status’, making them valuable in the second-hand equipment market.

Robin wanted to capitalise on the residual value of his original equipment while it was in exceptional condition. So he put it up for sale while contacting David Tout of GSF’s Garage Essentials team. GSF is a Tecalemit garage equipment distributor and has worked collaboratively with Tecalemit for many years.

David works closely with Chris Bull from Tecalemit. Having once worked as part of Tecalemit’s engineering team, Chris understands the Tecalemit equipment range. Now, he has hung up his spanners to focus on the business development and project management aspects of the business.

“DVSA grants Agreement In Principle on first application”

Chris prepared a site layout drawing to support the DVSA VT01 application to support the proposed replacement equipment. The ‘Agreement in Principle’ was granted after the first submission. Robin ordered the latest generation Tecalemit SF/9254 lift, DE/9419 connected brake tester, and TGD/MDS combined emission tester. The new Tecalemit equipment would slot straight into the existing civil works without requiring modifications.

Robin’s team undertook the removal of the original equipment with great care. They carefully dismantled the old units for their sale and onward shipping for re-installation at a new site.

With the floor recesses clear of the existing equipment, it was a straightforward installation of the replacements. The engineers could complete the installation of the new equipment as the required cable ducts were present and correct.

“The recording of vehicle emissions and brake test data is fully automatic”

The latest Tecalemit equipment brings the MOT testing facility at the Concourse Motor Company up to date with the latest DVSA-connected capability. With MOT testing equipment connected directly to the DVSA’s MTS system, the recording of vehicle emissions and brake test data happens automatically, reducing the number of manual results needed by the MOT testers.

To enhance the equipment package, Robin combined the new Tecalemit MOT bay with a five-year warranty, calibration & service pack, providing them with total peace of mind for the next five years.

Tecalemit would like to thank Robin and his team for continuing to choose Tecalemit equipment for their MOT operation. Checkout the fantastic range of premium classic cars that they have on offer at

To install MOT testing in your business and benefit from the experience of Chris Bull and his fellow Workshop Equipment Specialists, call Tecalemit on 01752 219111 and turn your MOT plans into reality.