Tecalemit DE-9419 Brake Tester Roller Set With Covers

Case study Brake Tester Retiring After 40 Years Service – A Tecalemit DE/7184

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The team at A&S Coachworks had used their Tecalemit DE/7184 brake tester for 40 years, during which time the unit has performed tens of thousands of MOT brake tests. At Tecalemit Garage Equipment, we still possess all of the equipment required to calibrate these legacy units to DVSA standards.

The modern DVSA-approved units reduce the administrative burden of the MOT tester by automatically recording the brake efficiency results. With many pieces of hard-worked heritage equipment, a replacement unit often becomes more cost-effective over the long term. This is the circumstance that the team at A&S found themselves in.

“The modern DVSA-approved units reduce the administrative burden of the MOT tester”

The method of installation of the Tecalemit DE/7184 differs from the modern ‘MTS Connected’ units. The DE/7184 uses a recessed frame supported by the original recess’s floor edge. In contrast, the contemporary Tecalemit DE/9419 unit uses a roller bed set that rests on the recess base.

Regarding the exchange of units, we know how to achieve dimensional accuracy to accommodate the new roller set precisely. Bernard Gravillis is Tecalemit’s equipment specialist for the Ipswich area. He advised the team on how to achieve the recess modifications efficiently.

“A&S decided to configure their new brake tester to MOT specification”

The old brake tester roller set was removed, and the team at A&S Coachworks raised the base of the existing recess and cut back the recess sides to meet the dimensions required for the new brake tester. With the recess alterations completed, it was simple to install the new roller bed set and electronic control unit.

The team at A&S decided to configure their new brake tester to MOT specification without the weighing cells of the Automated Test Lane (ATL) version. Due to the layout of the workshop bay, a slimline wall-mounted console was chosen for the control unit.

“Brake testers are configurable in a variety of formats”

Our brake testers are configurable in a variety of formats to suit the requirements and layout of the MOT station. The control module lives in either a space-saving wall-mount cabinet or in the emission tester cabinet.

Tecalemit would like to thank the team at A&S Coachworks for continuing their MOT operations with a Tecalemit MOT brake tester. We wish them well for another 40 years of reliable equipment use.

To convert your old brake tester to one of the latest DVSA-approved units, call the Tecalemit team on 01752 219111