Hi-Perfrormance Cars, Expensive Discs

Case study Skim Your Discs – Not Your Profits

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Sutherland M Power Cars in Winford, Bristol installed the Pro-Cut on-car brake lathe in their workshop.   a few months ago and have been making savings on their sales car preparation ever since.

David Swinney, Service Manager at Sutherlands, said; “We sell a lot of high performance vehicles but with new brake discs sometimes costing over £300, we were spending a considerable amount of money on sales car preparation. With the Pro-Cut machine we are now able to resurface the discs, bringing them back to ex-factory condition making them as good as new. We are also using the brake lathe on customer’s cars especially those experiencing brake judder, so as well as the savings we make we are able to save our customers money too.”

David had previously used a Pro-Cut brake lathe when he worked at a Porsche dealer, so when he arrived at Sutherland Cars he knew the workshop would benefit from a skimming machine as much of their work is on BMW, Mercedes and Audi vehicles with big costly brake discs.

Sutherland M Power Cars can be found at www.mpowercars.co.uk