Case study Tecalemit’s expertise gets J&S Autocare from bare shell to fully operational in 5 months

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It was June 2020 and the UK was emerging from the first Coronavirus lockdown. Here at Tecalemit Garage Equipment, the team were still working whilst navigating the complexities of working in a safe way for our customers and staff.

In Gloucester, Jack Palmer had secured some new premises and was looking to launch the business of J&S Autocare. This was a new venture and you might be forgiven for thinking that Jack had decades of experience with establishing a new garage business. However, at the age of 22, Jack was new to the industry and was looking for all the support he could get.

Jack called on the assistance of Tecalemit Garage Equipment. The brand was familiar to Jack, which is no surprise as Tecalemit have been in the garage equipment industry since 1922. Jack had a vision of the garage operation he wanted to create, with MOT capability alongside additional service and repair facilities.

Jack had secured suitable premises and was keen to progress swiftly, so he was put in contact with Bernard Gravillis. With 30 years’ experience Bernard knows the whole process in detail meaning he could move the project along swiftly and efficiently. This is just what Jack needed.

The application process to become a DVSA authorised MOT testing station starts with an application to the DVSA with a VT01 application form. This can all seem rather daunting, but not to Tecalemit. Bernard has helped complete hundreds of VT01 applications and knows exactly what information needs to be included and where to obtain it from. One of the key elements of any submission is a proposed layout drawing to demonstrate how the projected equipment layout meets the minimum standards stipulated in the DVSA’s MOT testing guide.

Jack could have sat down and studied the DVSA’s publications, obtained all of the equipment specifications and set about establishing proposed layouts. However, undertaking this work is very time consuming and full of complexity. A telephone conversation with Jack enabled Bernard to establish the circumstances of the intended new facility covering things such as planning permission, evidence of exclusive use, equipment funding provision and MOT tester training.

With a good understanding of the situation, Bernard made arrangements to meet Jack on-site. Bernard measured up the facility in addition to discussing equipment specifications and layout options with Jack. Jack and Bernard decided that to make the best use of space, whilst ensuring that the DVSA minimum standards were achieved, that a Class IV Automated Test Lane (ATL) using the space saving Tecalemit SF/9094/EV scissor lift accompanied by a pair of 3 tonne 2-post service lifts (SF/9010/H) together with R134A and R1234yf Air Conditioning machines would produce a superb facility.

With Bernard’s expertise and experience, Jack soon had the VT01 application into the DVSA and the Agreement In Principle was granted. All that was left now was to undertake the required civil works for the scissor lift and the roller brake tester recesses, along with scheduling the equipment delivery and installation. Bernard assisted Jack and his builder on-site to ensure they understood the requirements, ensuring everything proceeded as planned.

From the first call in June 2020 to the completed installation and DVSA operational sign off in October 2020, the whole process was completed quickly and professionally.

We are sure you will agree that Bernard has designed a fantastic workshop for J&S Autocare. The team at Tecalemit would like to thank Jack for choosing to work with us.

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Thanks to J&S Autocare Ltd, Unit 332 Bristol Rd, Gloucester GL2 5DH

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