Case study Creating a Dedicated Wheel Alignment and Tyre Service Bay – Case Study: Thomson Garage, Forres

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Wheel Alignment can be a valuable and profitable revenue stream for a workshop operation. Tecalemit Garage Equipment have several options available within our product range in order to suit the varying needs and usage levels of every customer.

One of the first considerations to be considered is the area of the workshop that wheel alignment checks and adjustments will be carried out. Tecalemit’s Laser and 8 camera CCD systems are ideally suited to workshops that require the portability to move the equipment around the workshop in order to undertake alignment operation in a variety of different bays.

For Steven Thomson of Thomson Garage in Forres, the expansion of his vehicle technician team brought an experienced wheel alignment technician into the organisation. This prompted Steven to explore how professional wheel alignment services could be made part of his operation’s offering.

Steven wanted to raise the bar by creating a dedicated wheel alignment and tyre service bay. This would enable the team to undertake alignment operations without the need to move the alignment equipment to different areas of the workshop and work around existing service bay utilisation.

One of the big advantages with creating a fixed alignment bay is speed of operation. With a fixed, calibrated alignment crucifix housing 4 cameras, the speed of equipment setup for a given vehicle is reduced to a minimum.

Steven contacted John Jack of Dingbro Ltd, a long established Tecalemit distributor. John works collaboratively with Jim McDermott, Tecalemit’s Equipment Specialist for Scotland. Jim has over 20 years of experience in creating workshop facilities in both existing and new build premises.

Jim discussed the wheel alignment requirements with John from Dingbro and Steven from Thomson Garage. After exploring a variety of alignment options, it was decided that a surface mounted Tecalemit SF/9008/4 4-post lift, with rear slip plates and optional recessed radius turn plates, would provide them a cost effective and versatile capability. The SF/9008/4 has been specifically designed to ensure the alignment cameras have clear line of sight to the wheel targets on a wide range of vehicles.

The SF/9008/4 lends itself perfectly to be used with Tecalemit’s range topping GTR/8400 3D alignment system providing the ultimate in wheel alignment capability by creating a drive-in alignment bay. With a generous platform length of 5 metres and a capacity of 4 tonnes, the Tecalemit SF/9008/4 is able to cater for the full range of vehicles that pass through the Thomson Garage operation.

To complete their wheel alignment and tyre service bay, Steven chose a tyre changer and wheel balancer from Tecalemit’s professional range of tyre fitting equipment. The Tecalemit TTC/9620/T features a unique G-Frame construction for rigidity of the mounting head, as well as a generous 24” wheel capacity. With pneumatic Technoroller and Technofollower assist arms, even the most challenging of low profile and run flat tyres can be handled safely and efficiently. The final wheel balancing operation is undertaken on the Tecalemit TBM/960A. This features a space saving foot print and a range of static and dynamic balancing programs for both alloy and steel wheels. A Quick Selection Program internal data arm enables fast entry of alloy wheel dimensions. An external data arm to enable rapid data entry for steel wheels can be added as an optional extra.

The finished facility looks absolutely fantastic and all the team at Tecalemit would like to thank Steven and John for choosing to work with us. To understand how you can profit from wheel alignment, ask to speak with one of Tecalemit’s UK Equipment Specialists.

Thanks to Thomson Garage, 3-5 West Road, Greshop Industrial Estate, Forres IV36 2GU

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