Case study Overcoming a sloping floor to install an MOT bay at SD Autocare, Wetherby

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Established in the late 1990’s, SD Autotech of Wetherby has developed an enviable position within the TVR enthusiast community as one of the premier specialists for these cherished classic sports cars, with owners from all around the UK placing their trust in SD Autotech for the service and repair of their TVR’s.

Whist some TVR’s are now MOT exempt, many of these owners still chose to have their TVR submitted for an MOT test to verify its road-worthiness. Steve and his team had established a good working relationship with a local MOT test station to enable them to provide MOT testing services. However, outsourcing MOT tests in this manner creates some logistical and time challenges with regard to conveying vehicles backwards and forwards for their test. Furthermore, the additional outsourced cost of the test itself impacted upon their operational profit margin.

The time came to consider setting up in-house MOT testing to improve the efficiency of their operation. It also looks much better to the customer when, having submitted a vehicle for service and MOT, the name of the test centre on the certificate matches the name of garage serviced it and not that of a ‘unknown’ third party.

Steve, through his local Parts Alliance branch, contacted the Garage Essentials equipment team to consider the options available to them. Dally Singh is Garage Essentials’ workshop specialist for the northern area and he engaged the expertise of Ian Blackett of Tecalemit Garage Equipment to provide them a suitable solution.

Dally and Ian arranged to meet with Steve on-site to survey the building and gain an understanding of the requirements of the SD Autotech team. It became apparent that the area within the building that had been identified as a potentially suitable location had a challenge in the form of a considerable gradient in the floor. However, Ian has over thirty years of experience in creating MOT bays for both new and existing buildings and has come across most challenges during this time.

To help make the most appropriate use of their space a recessed 4-post lift was proposed. This enabled the Roller Brake Tester to be situated closer to the vehicle lift which, in this recessed arrangement, would allow it to double up as part of the brake test standing area as it met the level requirements of +/- 10mm. To address the issue of the gradient in the floor, the recess would be created to produce a raised area as the floor drops away. At the drive-on end of the lift, the floor would then be level with the top of the recess. At the opposite end, the built-up area would create a recess and meet the minimum DVSA dimensions for the overall bay width.

Ian produced a layout drawing and assisted Steve with the completion of the VT01 application form and, with agreement in principle obtained, the civil works commenced. Ian coordinated with the builders throughout to civil works to ensure that they adhered to DVSA authorised dimensions. It may seem complicated, but these photographs of the finished product demonstrate clearly how their floor gradient issue was overcome.

With their new Tecalemit Class IV MOT bay operational, we wish Steve and his team at SD Autotech every success with their improved customer proposition.

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