Case study M&B MOT and Service Centre, Eastleigh, Hampshire – ” it’s good quality, reliable kit that won’t let you down”

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The M&B MoT and Service Centre in Woodside Road, Eastleigh, is a new venture for M&B Fuel Injection – a well-established company owned by director Barry Mosedale. The two operations are run separately but on adjacent premises, so they can share resources at busy times.

The MoT and Service Centre is managed by Paul Rossiter and is a brand new facility fitted-out with a full MoT lane by Tecalemit. It includes a long wheelbase lift so the firm can service and MoT large vans (Class 7) as well as smaller vans and cars (Class 4).

“We went for Tecalemit for two reasons,” said Paul. “We know their equipment and it’s good quality, reliable kit that won’t let you down. The second reason – equally important – was service.

“When you’re busy, efficiency and productivity are critical. Garage equipment is machinery – just like a car, it needs servicing, it needs consumables to be replaced every now and then, and across the period of its life it may occasionally need repair.

“You want that done quickly so that you have minimum downtime, and the Tecalemit offer gave us that. Everyone claims ‘we do great service’ and it’s easy to say that – but they are actually really focused on that side of their business, and there was obvious substance behind the salesmanship.”