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Case study Class I & II Motorcycle Test Bays – So Good, Phil Does It Twice

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It was 2016 when Phil Sanders decided to create Surrey Motorcycles and provide the West Molesey area with specialist motorcycle service and repair facilities. Having worked in the motorcycle industry for 19 years, covering most manufacturer brands and models during this time, Phil was confident that there was significant market demand for quality, value for money servicing, provided by an industry professional, so in January 2017, Surrey Motorcycles opened for business.

It wasn’t long before Phil was ready to incorporate Class 1 & 2 motorcycle MOT testing into Surrey Motorcycles. The benefits of in-house testing are numerous. Primarily, it saves the logistics time and cost of ferrying bikes back and forth from the nearest outsourced MOT test centre. Additionally, more of the profit margin from the test can be retained in-house. Of course, there is the cost of purchasing the equipment, but this can be undertaken in a variety of ways, including tax-efficient capital equipment leases.

In 2019, Phil contacted Tecalemit Garage Equipment for advice. Phil was soon in discussion with Bernard Gravillis, Tecalemit’s Area MOT Specialist for the South East. With over 15 years of experience creating Tecalemit MOT bays for all classes, Bernard was well placed to help Phil achieve his goal. Having discussed the layout of the premises, the requirement was for a standalone MOT bay, using a recessed single-wheel, roller Brake Tester with Tecalemit’s legendary high visibility LED wall display, Headlamp Tester, motorcycle Decelerometer, Alignment Bars & Cords, Shadow Tool Board and appropriate signage.

Bernard produced a layout drawing showing how the Class 1 & 2 bay would be incorporated into the premises, together with DVSA mandated dimensions. Bernard then helped Phil complete his VT01 application and assemble the required supporting documentation. With the ‘Agreement In Principle’ (AIP) obtained from the DVSA, it was time to commence with the civil works for the Brake Tester’s recess. Here, a Tecalemit recess frame was to be used to simplify the groundwork operation and create a perfect recess.

With all of the equipment installed, and the MOT bay correctly marked out, all that was left was for Phil to undertake the required MOT Testers courses and obtain the final DVSA signoff. It all worked out very well for Phil and by 2021 he was ready to move to new larger premises. This meant undertaking the whole MOT bay application and building process all over again. However, this time it was slightly different in that Phil already had the equipment, but still needed to undertake the DVSA application process and complete another VT01. Phil had no hesitation in calling Bernard from Tecalemit to supply a new recess frame for the Brake Tester and quote for the de-installation, re-installation, calibration and certification of the equipment in the new premises.

With a new recess frame, the process of undertaking the appropriate civil work for the Brake Tester was all completed in a few weeks. That just left the de-commissioning and transportation of the equipment from the old premises to the new premises at Unit 3, Chertsey Industrial Park. Using a new recess frame made the installation so much easier. Tecalemit’s engineers had the equipment operational in next to no time, enabling Phil to begin offering MOT tests again.

Tecalemit would like to thank Phil for choosing us to create his Class 1 & 2 MOT testing facility, not once but twice. We wish Phil every success with his continued business operation from his new premises.

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