Autotest Handheld Suspension Tester

Product Number: DE-9048

Product Description

The Autostop suspension meter is a compact, battery-powered, handheld shock absorber tester that uses both the ‘Rebound Method’ and ‘Damping Ratio.’  It monitors the vertical sprung mass movement of the vehicle to determine the performance of the individual shock absorber. It is self-aligning by identifying its orientation at the beginning of each test. The operation is via a 16 button phone keypad. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery which has over 24 hours of running time. The battery has an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes. There are three easy steps to test with the Suspension Meter:

  1. Attach Suspension Meter to the body panel nearest wheel being tested.
  2. Turn on Suspension Meter, follow prompts, and select wheel being tested.
  3. Push down on vehicle body panel nearest wheel being tested. Follow prompts to save or view test results. Repeat steps as required.

The DE/9048 comes with 12 months warranty and comprehensive after-sales service and assistance.

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