Pro-Cut On-Car Brake Lathes

Product Number: PRO-CUT PFM 9 Series

Product Description

Some people may consider brake disc skimming an old-fashioned practice that stopped many years ago. Not true. Today’s on-car brake lathe technology, where Pro-Cut is the world leader, enables workshops to efficiently and accurately resurface brake discs—offered as a supplementary service which can make additional profits.

Resurfacing brake discs should happen when:

  • Brake pads are changed, but new discs are not necessary, which happens in at least 50% of brake servicing. There is no bedding in, and your customer has perfect brakes as they leave your workshop.
  • There is evidence of brake vibration due to Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) or excessive run-out. For this problem, using an on-car lathe is the only permanent solution.
  • Discs are suffering from corrosion, resulting in poor braking performance or imbalance. And sometimes it isn’t pleasant, especially on used cars in the showroom.
  • Brakes are noisy.
  • When fitting new pads to ‘lipped’ discs, ‘brake squeal’ can result. This can be corrected by skimming the discs to remove lips and give perfectly flat disc surfaces.

Tecalemit offers two models from the Pro-Cut range:


  • The PFM 9.1 DRO comes with a removable cutting head, beneficial when machining vehicles with smaller wheel arches.


  • The PFM 9.2 DRO comes with the ‘Speedlock’ cutting head, enabling single-handed adjustments without needing additional hand tools.

Call us today to understand which Pro-Cut On-Car Brake Lathe package will best suit the profile of vehicles you service in your workshop.

To view some Pro-Cut models in action, see our Video Library.

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