Automatic Air Conditioning Unit for R1234YF Gas

Product Number: AC-1234YF-15

Product Description

The AC/1234YF/15 is a fully automatic air conditioning recovery and recycling unit. It has been designed for use in busy workshops dealing with vehicles supplied with refrigerant gas (R1234YF). It boasts a heated 22L refrigerant tank and a 123×42 LCD display for instructions and settings, all housed in a robust cabinet. The unit comes with a standard vehicle database allowing the operator to easily input the correct data for the vehicle currently being worked on.

The automatic cycle will recover and recycle the refrigerant; draining and measuring any recovered system oil, before extracting the moisture from the vehicle system. If required, the addition of a tracer dye can be added before the replenishment of oil and gas into the system to complete the cycle.

The AC/1234YF/15 can also be used in manual mode to perform these tasks individually, in order to enable any repair work to be carried out to the system or vehicle. Electronic scales for refrigerant, discharged oil, new oil and tracer dye ensures the accuracy required to meet the strictest regulations. Ideal for anyone looking to develop aircon as part of their business.

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