2.5t Mobile Single Post Hydraulic Lift

Product Number: SF/9115

Product Description

The specialist SF/9115 from Tecalemit is a mobile vehicle lift designed for use in workshops where space is at a premium and in bodyshops or other specialist repairers where clear, unrestricted access is required to certain areas of the vehicle.

The SF/9115 can also be used for the positioning of damaged and immobile vehicles on body jigs and other items of workshop equipment.

The lift can also be used to place vehicles on high-level axle stands releasing the lift for use elsewhere in the workshop.

The lift is easily movable (when not loaded) and has a minimal set-up time.

The lifting arms are fitted with adjustable rubber lifting pads which ensure the vehicle is safe and secure when raised. SF/9115 must always be used on a level concrete floor.

The SF/9115 is available in either 3ph and 1ph  power supply configurations

  • 3ph Mobile electro-hydraulic 1 Post Lift 2500kg capacity (SF/9115)
  • 1ph Mobile electro-hydraulic 1 Post Lift 2500kg capacity (SF/9115/1)
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