4.0T 4.8M Service Lift (Low Profile) Surface Mounted

Product Number: SF-9440-SERIES

Product Description

The SF/9440/SERIES scissor lift from Tecalemit is the perfect solution for workshops requiring the space saving benefits of a scissor lift, without the need to excavate a costly installation recess in the shop floor. Through ingenious engineering and the use of high quality materials and components the collapsed height of the lift is an amazing 180mm lower than a speed bump! This allows easy access for most passenger cars and vans up to a gross weight of 4000kg.

The SF/9440 has a range of lifting platform options. Operators can choose from a simple flat platform, perfect for general servicing and repair work, a platform fitted with rear slip plates enabling vehicle geometry checks and adjustments or a platform fitted with an integral wheel free lifting system.

  • 4.0t Low Profile Scissor Lift 3ph (SF/9440)
  • 4.0t Low Profile Scissor Lift 3ph with rear wheel slip plates (SF/9440/4)
  • 4.0t Low Profile Scissor Lift 3ph with auxiliary lifting tables (SF/9440/5)
  • 4.0t Low Profile Scissor Lift 3ph with rear slip plates & auxiliary lift tables (SF/9440/6)

The SF/9440 incorporates 4 independent hydraulic safety circuits, has overload safety control and hydraulic synchronisation of the platforms.

Product Options

  • 2.0T Hydraulic Jacking Beam (SS/8828)
  • Lighting kit neutral supply (when ordered with lift) (OA/60589)
  • 20mm pads (OA/60603/20)
  • 40mm pads (OA/60603/40)
  • 80mm pads (OA/60603/80)
  • Cross piece for special vehicles (OA/61130)
  • Radius turning plates (OA/60292)
  • Extra long run up ramps (OA/60578)

See our Product Datasheet for a full technical specification

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