2.0T Hydraulic Jacking Beam

Product Number: SS-8825-SERIES

Product Description

The SS/8825/SERIES are 2.0t manual jacking beams suitable for use on the following Tecalemit lifts:-

The SS/8825/SERIES is available in hydraulic or pneumatic formats

  • SS/8825 = Hydraulic
  • SS/8825/P = Pneumatic

Product Options

  • Lifting Pad Extensions 60mm (OA/62402)
  • Lifting Pad Extensions 100mm (OA/62403)
  • Air Supply Kit Pneumatic Option (OA/62335)

Jacking Beams are sold on a self-install basis unless supplied with a Tecalemit Vehicle Lift.

See our Product Datasheet for a full technical specification

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