5.0t 5.2m Quadra Service & MOT Class VII & IV (Non ATL)

Product Number: SF-9250-SERIES

Product Description

The Quadra SF/9250 is a heavy duty light goods vehicle lift with a lifting capacity of 5000kg and platform length of 5200mm, suitable for the servicing & MOT testing (Two Person Testing) of Class IV and Class VII .

The extended platform length ensures easy access to all areas of even long wheelbase vehicles without obstruction from the lift posts. The wider platforms provide adequate support for twin wheeled vehicles, making the lift ideal for all types of general servicing and repair work.

The SF/9250 is available in 3Ph or 1Ph power supply options, in surface mounted or recess mounted configuration

  • SF/9250 3Ph Surface Mounted
  • SF/9250/REC 3Ph Recess Mounted
  • SF/9250/1 1Ph Surface Mounted
  • SF/9250/1/REC 1Ph Recess Mounted

The SF/9250 series lifts are supplied without platform mounted optional Radius Plates as standard. Optional Radius Plates have a 50mm profile and are surface mounted.  A jacking beam is also required for MOT applications.

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