Tiro Tyre Changer & Assist Arms

Product Number: TTC-TIRO-1

Product Description

The TTC/TIRO automatic tyre changer has a second to none proven performance; even in the most demanding tyre shops. The bead breaker is suitable for larger diameter wheels and extended clamping jaws which can safely accommodate a wider range of wheel designs. The TTC/TIRO features a pneumatically controlled tilting column. The heavy duty construction of the column and frame of the machine ensures good stability of the head whilst in operation. The TTC/TIRO Automatic tyre changer is supplied complete with three assistant arms.  A Tiro-Roller, A Tiro-Helper and Tiro-Disc are pneumatically operated tools to enable low aspect ratio (profile), run-on-flat and very wide tyres to be removed and fitted without the risk of damage to the tyre, wheel rim or operator.

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