SF/9450/3D 5.0t 5.0m Quadra Wheel Alignment Lift

Product Number: SF/9450/3D

Product Description

The Quadra SF/9450/3D lift from Tecalemit has been introduced to meet the increasing demand for a 4-post lift capable of accommodating 3D wheel alignment equipment. Offering greater flexibility at a lower cost than scissor or parallelogram lift alternatives, the SF/9450/3D provides both a specific solution for 3D wheel alignment equipment and a super wide access lift for vehicles such as larger MPVs and off-road models.

The lift is supplied with a standard flat platform surface. Clients can choose from an expansive range of options to ensure the lift exactly meets their professional requirements.

Product Options

  • 3.0t Hydraulic Jacking Beam (SS/8839)
  • Radius Turning Plates (OA/60292)
  • 4-Tube Lighting Kit (OA/62411) *Neutral Supply Required


Correct installation of the lift is essential, and a level floor of at least 160mm C30 grade concrete is a prerequisite. The power supply is via a 20 amp fused isolator.

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