Tecalemit Tiro Tyre Bay Package

Product Number: TTC TIRO 1 + TBM TIRO 2500

Product Description

The TTC/TIRO/1 automatic tyre changer has a proven performance, even in the most demanding tyre shops, that is second to none. The bead breaker is suitable for larger diameter wheels and extended clamping jaws which can safely accommodate a wider range of wheel designs. The TTC/TIRO/1 features a pneumatically controlled tilting column. The heavy duty construction of the column and frame of the machine ensures good stability of the head whilst in operation.The TTC/TIRO/1 Automatic tyre changer is supplied complete with the Roller and Assistant Arm system. These pneumatically operated tools enable low aspect ratio (profile), run-on-flat and very wide tyres to be removed and fitted without the risk of damage to the tyre, wheel rim or operator.

The TBM/TIRO/2500 offers fast accurate wheel balancing. The wheel balancer is an electronic wheel balancer suitable for balancing a broad range of car and light commercial vehicle wheels weighing up to 65 kg (with the necessary adaptors). The TBM/TIRO/2500 is supplied complete with weight pliers, 100gram calibration weight, width measuring gauge and 4 balancing cones to cover a large range of road wheels. The balancer has 4 alloy rim balancing programmes for use with adhesive weights, 1 standard balancing program for clip on weights and a static balancing program for narrow wheels.

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