Handheld Automotive Service & Diagnostic Tool

Product Number: DE-3222

Product Description

The new DE/3222 Tecalemit Automotive Service and Diagnostics tool enables full code reading and engine management system updates. It is fast, simple and easy to use, ergonomically designed, hand held and compact.

It uses only one cable to so there is no swapping cables for all 16 pin connectors and the software is also stored on only one card. This means that you need never swap pods or cards.

The DE/3222 is a detailed piece of equipment that shows vehicle manufacturer specific information and data and allows you to perform vehicle specific operations such as read and clear codes, actuator tests, key coding and pin extraction, tyre and pressure monitoring, electronic park brake, injector programming and service light reset without having to involve a main dealer.

It has only 7 buttons and the instructions are incredibly easy to follow.

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