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Case study We’ve Given Ourselves Some Headroom, A Class VII MOT Bay Incorporating Class I & II

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It was the year 2000 and Matt Reid had created Onestop Motor Engineers Ltd, up in Stirling. MOT Testing had always been a part of Onestop’s portfolio of services. A Class IV MOT Bay was located off-site, which whilst not ideal, it was appropriate at the time Matt established the business.

In 2020, the offsite MOT Testing facility was upgraded to Class VII capability. This was a useful step forward, but, Matt and the team really wanted to incorporate MOT Testing onto his main site. Having all of the capability in the one location would really improve the operation efficiency of the business.

The challenge was planning permission. A new building would be required which would be a significant undertaking. Add into the requirement the need to include Class VII MOT Testing, meant it needed to be a very tall building in order to accommodate the Class VII headroom requirements of 4800mm.

Not only did the building need to be very tall, Matt and the team also wanted to cater for larger wheelbase Class VII vehicles as they had a number of clients with Motorhomes. Matt wanted a much longer MOT Bay than the minimum Class VII dimensions. Add all of the requirements together, and the new building would need to be quite some size.

Perseverance paid off, and Matt finally obtained the required planning permission to construct a new building. Matt contacted Ian Brown from Dingbro Ltd of Stirling, a longstanding Tecalemit Distributor. The team at Dingbro work very closely with Tecalemit’s Jim McDermott, Sales Manager for Scotland.

Jim visited Matt and discussed the requirements. Not only did Matt wish to create a long test bay to accommodate long wheelbase camper vans, he also wished to build in Class I & II Motorcycle MOT Testing. Jim is adept at squeezing MOT Bays into tight spaces whilst ensuring the DVSA mandated standards are achieved. This project would also require his skills to maximise the space available to accommodate the size of campervans.

Incorporating Motorcycle Testing would require the Tecalemit Headlamp Beam Tester to be located between the Roller Brake Tester and the Tecalemit Class VII 4-Post Lift. To maximise the internal workshop space, the Brake tester centre line would be located 7000mm from the inside of the closed door.

“I’m normally trying to get 600mm between the lift recess and the front edge of the brake tester. In this location, I was working to the DVSA dimensional requirement covering the brake tester centreline to door. This gave a generous 2500mm between the brake tester and the lift recess”

Matt was happy with the amount of floor area between the recessed lift and the brake tester. This then created the next challenge, which was the visibility of the Brake Tester Display Screen. The Tecalemit DE-9719-Series Brake Testers are available with a unique Hi-visibility LED Display. This meant that it was ideal for use in this long Class VII MOT Bay. Jim also pointed out, that because the Headlamp Beam Tester would be situated in-front of the Brake Tester Rollers, the display could be mounted slightly lower in the MOT tester’s direct line of sight.

“Each MOT Bay is different, I tailor each installation to the specific needs of the customer, whilst adhering to the DVSA dimensions”.

With the layout concept completed, Jim prepared the site drawing to support Matt’s DVSA VT01 application. Agreement in Principle was obtained on first application. Jim then met with Matt’s building contractor to ensure the dimensional requirements for the civil works were fully understood. The positioning of all equipment, the cable ducting, all needs to be in the correct place. This is where Tecalemit’s Project Management expertise makes life easier for all stakeholders.

With all of the groundwork complete, the installation of the equipment could commence. This included a Tecalemit SF/9257/ATL Lift of 5.7m length to accommodate longer wheelbases. A set of Tecalemit OA/50707/1000 Rail Extensions would allow the Tecalemit DE/7588/Series Headlamp Tester to be parked to the side of the test bay, providing a clear drive over the headlamp tester rails.

The Tecalemit engineering team of Grant Clark, James Hogarth and Graeme Hendry completed the equipment installation and the finished result looks fantastic. A Tecalemit OA/62719 Motorcycle Adapter would allow the Tecalemit DE/9719/Series Roller Brake Tester to cater for Class IV, V, VL, VII together with I & II Motorcycle. Matt finished off the Headlamp Tester install by adding some checker plate around the rails to match the brake tester.

Tecalemit would like to thank Matt for continuing to choose Tecalemit MOT Testing Equipment and we wish the team every success with their new on-site Class VII MOT Testing Bay.

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