Triple AAA Alignment Offer

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As part of Tecalemit’s 100th-anniversary celebrations, the team at Tecalemit has prepared this Triple AAA Wheel Alignment Offer.

Utilising the Tecalemit GTR-8400 3D Alignment System, the Tecalemit GTR-8400 offers the fastest method of obtaining vehicle geometry configuration data.

Simply present the vehicle to the Tecalemit GTR-8400 system, attach the wheel flags to each of the four wheels in order to obtain a full vehicle geometry reading and compare against vehicle manufacturer settings.

To view the full GTR-8400 specification, view our Product Datasheet.

To see the limited availability offer (valid until 30th September 2022), view our GTR-8400 Offer Sheet or Contact Tecalemit Sales Office on 01752 219111 for full package details.